Why GullyTrendz

From the 1930s to today, you can see that fashion trends have evolved at a faster pace. From sarees to lehengas, Anarkali to T-Shirts, the Indian fashion world has seen a lot of delightful changes! It’s the same all over the world, be it kimonos or wedding gowns.

The world of fashion vogue is being relished by almost everyone in the world, irrespective of ethnicity, age and cultural variations! People are cherry-picking the dresses online with utmost care.

But wait, how do we know what fits us amicably? Wouldn’t it be a challenge to choose the right dress online, where we cannot access the trial room and get to know what is rightfully ours in terms of our wardrobe choice? That’s where GullyTrendz plays a perfect role.

Being a central government recognised startup in 2020, we attend to the closet needs of every man, woman, child and elderly. We are strictly and proudly limited to selling only Indian fashion.

Our mission lies in catering to the demands of every customer and on the other hand, uplifting Indian weavers and vendors. We envision every weaver and vendor knocking the doors of the global market. We want everyone to benefit from our business model aimed to promote them across the world.

Our esteemed products

Technology combined with ethnicity- That’s our product motto! Explore the world-class fashion products brought to you by GullyTrendz!

Design Studio
Designer Studio

‘What you wear reflects what you are!‘

We follow a tailor-made model while serving our customers looking for that sassy designer wear. Be it a wedding or birthday, we know how heartfelt your designer wear would be for you. You can either directly place an order by choosing the designs available in the studio. If not, you can hire a designer to get a more personalized design outlook.

Home Shopping
Trial & Shop at Home

Understanding the customer needs.

You do not have to worry about misplaced selections or unsuitable choices. Now you can try all of your cart collection at your home, identify the best fits and high-quality one’s and then say YES for your favourite ones.

AI powered Body Measurements
Body Measuring Solutions

Our 3D Body Scanner uses the front camera of your mobile to analyze your body and provides the body metrics from the data acquired. This resolves the issues of size and fit related returns online.

GTweavers to support weavers

It is not enough to say that hand-spinning is one of the industries to be revived. It is necessary to insist that it is the central industry that must engage our attention if we are to re-establish the village home.

Weaving is a life-time journey for weavers. They carry forward the heritage, ethics and values taught by their ancestors. They dedicate their lives towards this beautiful process of weaving. But in India, the lifestyle of weavers isn’t as prosperous as their quality of work. Many weavers have a hard time earning a living.

Our team at GTweavers is looking forward to creating a one-stop, simple solution for every weaver. We understand that not every weaver would be tech-friendly. Hence we have created a simple, intuitive app for them to personally attend to all their demands.

We look forward to selling weaver materials, promoting virtual store concept to every wear and letting them place direct orders.

We would sell the products by Indian weavers across the globe, letting them get recognised for their efforts. We take pride in doing a bit for the weaver community. A lot more yet to come!

We are recognized by DPIIT (Ministry of Commerce) To Promote Indian Fashions

What's so special about GullyTrendz?

As the name suggests, we want to take the fashion flavour of every Indian gully to the global audience. Anybody who loves Indian fashion would fall in love with our 100% Indian vendors supported app. To put it in a nutshell, it is an app for everyone stalked by the bug of Indian fashion-philia, by Indian vendors! Are you still curious about what makes us stand apart? Let's explore the three major differentiators!

Localized E-commerce

Localized E-commerce

We love to personalize every purchase as per the geographic nature of our customers! Every user would have the ability to view the fashion stores’ around their place. We would be delivering the order within 3 hours. We customize the packing process similar to malls or stores.

AI implemented in eCommerce

AI implemented in eCommerce

We involve a friendly bot which can act as your online tailor. All you need to do is upload your picture. It would take the required body measurements accurately. Once all is done and said, we would start working on your design.



We customize every process,designer would create your dream illustration with suggestions according to the occasions and the time you choose the design to the time you finalise the purchase.We are with you at every stage.

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